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light-of-aether asked: The art quality on that Mega Evolution poster may be unimpressive, but at least our wondrous Hoenn champion Steven Stone gets another chance at starring in the anime that neglected him in the past. (Also after Groudon and Kyogre it seems sort of unlikely that Rayquaza would get a Mega Evolution rather than Primal version, at least to me, primal devolution seems like a far more impressive sort of thing that they'd give to an important legendary. Oh well, let's pray for that)


Steven in an anime is always a plus and that might actually be the sole reason I’m gonna even bother watching that.

I think the same as you about the legendaries and their (d)evolutions. Primal Rayquaza is much more logical and all but for some reason I can rest easy and trust Nintendo not to fuck it up. They might want to use that “primal” thing more now that they’ve dug it back up from the times of DMP. But at the same time I sense some potential mega gimmick stuff, Rayqyaza being the head of the trio and all. They might want to make Rayquaza “different” just to point out that Groudon and Kyogre are the huge near mindless ancient beasts that cause destruction with their powers. Rayquaza is the one to eventually calm them down, the thing that’s more or less neutral and they might think mega evolution fits that role better. Also, Rayquaza being on the mega poster is very ominous. I don’t know, maybe I’m just thinking of the worst case scenarios just to protect myself from a possible disappointment. I really do hope I’m just fearing for nothing.

Yeah, I’d be worried about that too. The only other thing I can think is if Rayquaza is on the poster because the special is going to explain something about primal devolution, since it’s already covered mega evolution. I’d like to think that if they give “evolved” forms to super ancient legendaries like the Hoenn/Sinnoh etc. trios, it would be Primal Devolution instead of Mega Evolution, it’s so much more fitting in my opinion, and it helps to set them apart from regular Pokemon (or lesser legendaries like the Latios/Latias duo and Diancie) so to me a Mega Rayquaza would be a missed opportunity. Enough Pokemon have Mega forms now that it’s lost its “cool factor” as something really really special and unique to the Pokemon.

If Rayquaza did have a GOOD mega evolved design though, I suppose that would be a bit better, but how much can we trust Nintendo to make a mega evolution that’s extra-special and very well done?

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