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So what’s the magical game context that justifies sports bra Samus? I don’t really have any opinions about the costume, but every time it comes up in a debate someone claims that if you played Metroid you would understand the costume wasn’t objectifying her at all. Now I’m curious.

I’d google it, but I don’t even know what terms to use. “Sports bra Samus” seems like a bad idea, though.


Honestly, it’s a weak defense. The outfits are seen in artwork that you unlock by completing the games under certain requirements (under 2 hours, collecting all of the available items, etc.). While Samus’ poses in the artwork aren’t as suggestive as they are in Smash, it’s still essentially the same “beat the game to see Samus with less clothing” thing that’s been distasteful since the first game. The defense is less “it makes sense in context” and more “it’s always been that way”.

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Anonymous asked: I'm probably the only one who is excited for the new model of 3ds? Because it means I can buy it and not feel bad about it. I have the old 3ds, and I've wanted to buy new one (XL) for a while now, but because it's just tad bigger it would be almost like waste of money. If they're gonna publish new games I want to play for the new 3ds, it means I won't feel bad about upgrading. I still don't understand why people bought dsi and then whined about new consoles.. before 3ds I had the first ds.


The main reason why people whine whenever Nintendo releases a new console and games that are compatible only with the new console and not the ten old ones people already have: MONEY.

If you can afford to buy a new console every year and keep up with Nintendo’s upgrade pace, good for you. Not everyone can do that. And not everyone is able to get excited over a new console because before they see “amazing new console with even more enjoyable gaming experience and functions” they see: “fuck, that’s gonna cost me big money”.

Also with these “new version exclusive games” people really need to evaluate if these games are worth paying for the new console as well. Is the game something you really, really need.

The reason I’m no thrilled about this New 3DS is simply that I most likely won’t be able to afford it, at least not right as it’s being released. It takes me time to save up enough money for a console and when I finally have saved up enough money, Nintendo announces a new console six months later.

I’m sure that as a console it will be better and offers better gaming experiences which is really great. If my financial situation was any better I might be less “whiney” about it.

However, I still feel like Nintendo consoles become outdated faster than necessary. A console lasts for several years and you can still keep playing the old games but with all these new releases a Nintendo console only serves you for a couple of years. Then if you want to get the new games you need to upgrade.

If you’re already planning to buy a new 3DS or 3DSXL or something, it’s very convenient with this New 3DS coming and pretty much the ideal situation and I can understand your excitement. I don’t know why you should even feel bad about upgrading if you can. I mean, you’ll get the new console but you’re still gonna be able to play the old games with your old console.

tl:dr I’m sure people are excited for new consoles but what they’re not so excited about is that it is going to cost them more money.

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What is your favourite Pokemon?
What game would you like to see Pokemon get a crossover with?
What makes you happy?
What is your favourite flower?
What would your Pokemon team be if you were the Elite Four Champion?
What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?
What features would you like to see in future Pokemon games?
What is your favourite video game?
What animal(s) and plant(s) would you like to see as Pokemon in the future?
What is a feature that was in old Pokemon games, that you would like to see return?
Do you own any Pokemon merchandise?
What is your favourite TV show?
What is the hardest thing you've ever had to do?
Do you have any Pokemon/trainer OCs? What are they like?
Where would you like to see a Pokemon region based on?
What Pokemon is your favourite Pokemon of each colour class (eg. fave red Pokemon)?
What trainer class do you think you would be in the Pokemon world?
What is your dream?

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